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Princess of the Eenope! by Framwinkle Princess of the Eenope! :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 11 2 Princess of the Month by Framwinkle Princess of the Month :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 25 3 Princess Luan by Framwinkle Princess Luan :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 28 7 Luna 2016 Bumper Sticker by Framwinkle Luna 2016 Bumper Sticker :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 37 6 Celestia 2016 Bumper Sticker by Framwinkle Celestia 2016 Bumper Sticker :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 2 1
Call Me Luna
"Please, Twilight," Luna pleaded. "You are a princess of Equestria now. Please call me Luna."
Twilight rolled the idea over in her mind. She wanted to comply, she really did, but after thinking about it, she decided that she couldn't. "I'm sorry Princess," she said, her ears drooping as she looked down at the ground. "I just... can't."
"But, why?" Luna asked, puzzled.
"Well..." Twilight paused, looking back up, but averting her eyes, and wondering how she was going to put it. "I know I'm a princess now, and I know we're supposed to be equals, but it just doesn't feel right. You know? I mean, you're the Princess of the Night, and I feel like I'm still just a glorified librarian with a horn and wings."
Luna cocked an eye at this, but Twilight was looking back at the ground again, so she didn't notice, and continued.
"You've got purpose. You raise the moon and control the night, you rule Equestria and have fought battles along side Princess Celestia, and you're far older and wiser than I
:iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 6 2
Horse Talk by Framwinkle Horse Talk :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 38 16 Pinkie Pie at the Bruneau Sand Dunes by Framwinkle Pinkie Pie at the Bruneau Sand Dunes :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 7 2 Pinkie Pie at Lucky Peak Dam by Framwinkle Pinkie Pie at Lucky Peak Dam :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 3 2 Pinkie Pie at Bronco Stadium by Framwinkle Pinkie Pie at Bronco Stadium :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 5 4
Pink and Yellow
Yea! Um, if that's alright
Pink and yellow [x4]
Yea! Um, if that's alright
Pink and yellow [x4]
Yea! Um, if that's alright
Everything I do, I do it quiet
Yea! Um, my cheering's lame
But it's ok, because I'm game
Walking through my town, when you see me you don't know a thing
Pink and yellow [x4]
My mane is long 'cause it helps me hide away in
Pink and yellow [x4]
[Verse 1:]
Pink mane, yellow coat, other ponies laugh but my friends won't
Should I have to, I just look them in the face
Give them the stare, and make their bones shake
I'm soft inside, but if you hear me roaring
That's when you'll know, that your in for it
One time I even killed a bear
Well, not really, but I could have. Just ask Twilight, she was there
I hear the haters talk, but of course it's all baloney
I'm winning all the polls, you know who's the best pony
You say neigh, but we both know the truth
I'm your, waifu
Yea! Um, if that's alright
Everything I do, I do it quiet
Yea! Um, my cheering's lame
:iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 2 4
Twilight Unleashed
As Princess Celestia lay on the floor, her horn scorched from the duel, Twilight's concern turned to anger. Nopony treated her mentor like that. Nopony! She turned to glare at Queen Chrysalis, looking her right in the eye. "How dare you?" she said, her anger clearly evident.
Chrysalis just smiled, enjoying the show. But then something happened that Chrysalis wasn't expecting.
Twilight grinned. "I suggest you reconsider," she said, pleasantly. "Call off your attack, or else."
Chrysalis wasn't going to have any of that. "Foal!" she shouted. "I've just defeated Princess Celestia! What chance do you think a foal like you has against me, the most powerful being in Equestria?"
Twilight simply continued smiling. "Oh, I don't have to be more powerful. Just sneaky," she said. Her horn glowed briefly, and a small flash occurred in front of her, depositing a small, pink, lumpy object which she caught in one hoof.
Chrysalis twinged as she felt something, but she wasn't sure what it was.
"For insta
:iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 4 5
The Pony Facts of Life
It was a pleasant summer day in Ponyville. Twilight and Pinkie Pie were spending some time together in the park, or rather, Twilight was reading another book, while Pinkie was hovering around her, acting in her usual random fashion, and making it difficult for Twilight to study. In the distance, some foals were playing, and it made Pinkie think of Pound and Pumpkin, the Cake twins.
"Twilight?" Pinkie asked. "Where do baby ponies come from?"
At first Twilight wasn't sure she'd heard the question. Then she wasn't sure she'd heard the question right. "Where do baby ponies come from?" she repeated, a bit stunned. She'd been trying hard to ignore Pinkie so she could study, but now that was impossible. "Pinkie, do you mean no pony's ever told you?" Twilight couldn't believe that could be true. Pinkie was an adult pony. Surely she must know. But then, this was Pinkie Pie, so maybe she really didn't? If that was the case, then Twilight didn't really want to be the one that had to explain it. "
:iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 3 3
Wonderbolt Academy expansion
"A hoof-bump? Seriously?" Rainbow Dash asked, shocked and angry as she pushed Lightning Dust's hoof away. This was the straw that broke the pony's back, and she finally had to say something about it. "You made me clip my wing. You sent half of our class into serious tailspins on the obstacle course. You unleashed a tornado that nearly demolished my friends!"
"Yeah, and?" Lightning Dust said smugly, grinning.
"And, I get that you want to be the best. So do I," Rainbow said, making one last attempt to reach out to Lightning Dust and give her another chance. "But you're going about it in the wrong way."
Lightning Dust was unmoved. "The Wonderbolts don't seem to think so." she replied, taking to the air and showing off a bit. "After all, Spitfire did make me the leader, and you the wing pony." she said, pointing derisively at Rainbow Dash while looking down on her from her elevated position.
Rainbow Dash sighed and looked at the ground for a moment before looking back up at Lightning Dust
:iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 10 8
Thanks M.A. Larson Animated Gif by Framwinkle Thanks M.A. Larson Animated Gif :iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 159 42
Keep Calm and Flutter On alternate ending
“I’m sorry, Discord,” Fluttershy said after a moment of pondering. “I’m afraid I can’t make that promise.”
“What?” Discord said, very melodramatically. “But, Fluttershy? I thought we were friends?”
“We are,” she told him confidently. “But you know as well as I do that the Elements have to be used together, so by agreeing not to use mine, I’d be making the same promise for all of them,” she said, gesturing towards Twilight and the others, “and that’s not something I have the right to do. So, if you want protection from my Element, you’ll just have to become friends with all of them, as well.”
Discord was taken aback. Did that just come out of Fluttershy’s mouth? The shy, pushover Fluttershy?
“Ha!” Rainbow Dash laughed. “Fat chance of that.”
“Rainbow Dash!” Fluttershy scolded, causing Dash to cower much like a puppy fearing that
:iconframwinkle:Framwinkle 9 5

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I'm a fan of cartoons and science fiction. Occasionally I've been known to art, and use other words in inappropriate ways.

Current Residence: Equestria
Favourite genre of music: Pony music, mostly dubstep. Also anime and movie soundtracks.
MP3 player of choice: My phone.
Personal Quote: To heck with the salmon! Save the endangered freedoms!



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